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Raising awareness and treating
men's mental and physical health.

Perhaps it's time you speak to a men's health doctor.

For men who...

- would like to have more energy and focus in a natural way.
- are not feeling at their best psychologically.
- starting to a see a reduction in sexual function.
- want to learn the inner psychology that has helped hundreds of men breakthrough to the next level in health, vitality and relationships.

All whilst avoiding years of therapy and heavy medication.

Who is Dr Terry and how does he treat?

A medical doctor focused on male neuropsychology, the overcoming of trauma and addiction and the transformation of the human spirit.

If we work together, we start by having a simple conversation about your life with the sole intention of furthering your understanding of why you are the way you are. From there you start to map your journey of how you will get to where you want to be.

The most amazing concepts I have learned about life, health and wellbeing has rarely come from a medical textbook. I would love to share these concepts with you and see how you apply my framework that has already helped so many people.

Most of my patients are people who have tried psychology, medication and have not really found benefit, or are keen on something more suited to them that doesn't take years and years (that's a lot of people!).

Through my process, I share some methods and strategies that have worked for so many. We work together closely, with the prime objective that at the end, you are more prepared for life than you have ever been.

I have refined my approach over the years and I have seen men do amazing in various areas of their life. The reason for such great results is likely from my years of being obsessed with how our brain works on a cellular level. I have also been able to consult people from all walks of life and at all stages of life and seeing how each of them work and take care of themselves. I would be crazy not to notice patterns and want to pass on the knowledge to others like yourself.

I believe that when you work together with someone and explore their knowledge and psychology of themselves with the sole intention to find a way to live a more purposeful life, nothing else can be more interesting and fulfilling.

So, if you feel like something is missing in your life or you want to improve your general health and wellbeing or you know anyone who is open to change, I invite anyone to reach out.

This website is the way you can connect with me.

Why men's health issues are so important

Secret ideas can wire themselves so deeply into our minds that we don't even realise the effects they are having.

It would occur to me that men in their strongest days are in most need of support and our thoughts. Let's remind each other that there are great ways to take care of your brain and body that are supported by strong scientific evidence - but not particularly easy to apply without good guidance.

Please encourage your friends to speak to myself or your local medical doctor.

Everyone is unique. So my approach for everyone is different.

I help you at every stage of your life, here are some common areas I focus on.

Find your way out of the darkest time in your life.

I've been down there, and went even further because I was curious how far it would go - fortunately I got out. This is some of my best work. If you get it, you get it.
If you or someone you know is struggling, please take a leap of faith and reach out, if not here or I am not available then your local doctor is the best place to go.

Break bad habits

Overthinking is really normal. It's probably your superpower. Let's let go of the gas a little bit.

Train your body. Increase your energy levels

Enough instagram fads, let's get straight to the point. Not everything works. But what does?

Understand The Female Spirit.

Oh yes, the holy grail. I'm no expert but I can certainly share some great knowledge about the other sex that certainly didn't know much later in life. Get ready for some truth bombs, my friend.

Treatment at the lowest dose and frequency.

There might be some great medicine for that actually (for Australian residents only).

Live a life of growth and contribution.

The inner game of life is the most interesting one - how will you share your gifts to others?.

I'm ready
What are the next steps?

My mission is to provide you the tools I have learned that the most successful, healthy and happiest people have used to get where they are.

A new journey into yourself starts here.

1. Get Started

Click the link at the top of this page.

You can also join a free live beginner's bootcamp at Bondi. Goto Events for more details and join the fun!

2. Book a free consultation with me

Obviously, the best outcomes occur are when you are ready for change. Please only book if you are committed to growth.

3. Learn and Grow

If I am confident I can help you in a meaningful way, we can work with each other as much as you like or depending on your need.

Kind words from friends.

I don't like asking the people I work with to provide testimonials. But I can share with you that I help upwards of 20-30 new patients a week, and I am fortunate to frequently get great feedback and messages of appreciation. I don't share these because they are private messages.

However, I do have close friends who believe in my mission and ability to help people around the world enough for them to write some really kind messages.

"I strongly recommend making the time and investment with working with Terry. He has organised my thoughts during the most difficult time in my life. I am a happier father, husband and my business has more clarity in its direction. I have saved years with the knowledge and guidance that is so simple and yet so true. Terry and I continue to be friends. But he isn't the kind of person that wants you to be reliant on him, so he provides you with a wealth of knowledge quickly and exactly what you need to get you out of your rut"
Tim Ilioski
Australian Business Owner
"I think it's easy to get frustrated and own on yourself as you experience setbacks in life, but Terry has a real gift for reframing challenges as opportunities. In particular, has has helped me to find self-belief and feel more confident to move in the direction of my goals. I think this is down to his tremendous level of empathy which has helped me to articulate some of my most confusing inner thoughts and fears. He creates a space that is at once non-judgmental and inspirational. For anyone who is looking to become centered and find greater fulfillment in any aspect of their life, I strongly recommend working with Terry."
Kate Childs
Managing Director of Childs-Davidson FMCG Institute
“Upon finishing my degree a cloud of uncertainty loomed above which has halted my progress in life. Anxiety and stress swept in, which crippled any sound judgement I thought I was making. I was so glad that I consulted Terry and made the biggest change in the direction I was headed. He had the knowledge and experience to empathise with me, and understood exactly what I needed to reach my goals whilst being happy, healthy and fulfilled. He provided me with insight that not only boosted confidence but also ignited a hunger to achieve the best that I could. The progress that I have made in recent months is unparalleled to what I thought I could achieve and could not have been done with out the guidance and knowledge I received from Terry.  "
Charles Rabbets
Alumni at Macquarie University

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