Australian Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Sex should be spontaneous. Get hard. Stay hard. Anytime. Safely.

Most of the time going to your GP doesn't quite fix the problem.
We have made it super easy for you to get treated and satisfied.

Step 1: Find out which ED Treatment is right for you by clicking 'Get Started'
Step 2: Our doctor reviews your assessment.
Step 3: Medication will be sent to you in a discreet package via express post.
Follow up: Keep us updated on your results so we can adjust your medication.

Celebrate the end of a tough year with a bang!

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Get started on treatment if you...

"I'm starting to have trouble gaining and maintaining an erection"

- are starting to feel like their erections are difficult to gain and/or maintain.
- stuck in a difficult or stressful time in their life which might be the cause of their erectile issues
- have tried other treatments that haven't worked or give them too many side effects
- want to prolong your sex life and avoid invasive treatment
- want to last longer

Harder, longer erection when you need it

Men are happier and healthier when they have a good sex life.

Sex is like air. When you don't have it, it becomes a problem.

Our doctor treats ED holistically. Here are some kind words from happy patients.
"I strongly recommend making the time and investment with working with Dr Terry. He has organised my thoughts during the most difficult time in my life. I am a happier father, husband and my business has more clarity in its direction. I have saved years with the knowledge and guidance that is so simple and yet so true. Terry and I continue to be friends. But he isn't the kind of person that wants you to be reliant on him, so he provides you with a wealth of knowledge quickly and exactly what you need to get you out of your rut"
"I think it's easy to get frustrated and own on yourself as you experience setbacks in life, but Terry has a real gift for reframing challenges as opportunities. In particular, has has helped me to find self-belief and feel more confident to move in the direction of my goals. I think this is down to his tremendous level of empathy which has helped me to articulate some of my most confusing inner thoughts and fears. He creates a space that is at once non-judgmental and inspirational. For anyone who is looking to become centered and find greater fulfillment in any aspect of their life, I strongly recommend working with Terry."
“Upon finishing my degree a cloud of uncertainty loomed above which has halted my progress in life. Anxiety and stress swept in, which crippled any sound judgement I thought I was making. I was so glad that I consulted Terry and made the biggest change in the direction I was headed. He had the knowledge and experience to empathise with me, and understood exactly what I needed to reach my goals whilst being happy, healthy and fulfilled. He provided me with insight that not only boosted confidence but also ignited a hunger to achieve the best that I could. The progress that I have made in recent months is unparalleled to what I thought I could achieve and could not have been done with out the guidance and knowledge I received from Terry.  "