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Thoughtful -
An Approach to Over-thinking, Anxiety and Life

Life is not meant to be filled with worry.

A life-changing approach for those who over-think, are overly anxious, or for those who want to further explore their inner self. Created by medical doctor, Dr Terry Nguyen an expert on neuropsychology, the overcoming of trauma and addiction.

Who is Dr Terry Nguyen?

A medical doctor focused on male neuropsychology, the overcoming of trauma and addiction and the transformation of the human spirit.

If we work together, we start by having a simple conversation about your life with the sole intention of furthering your understanding of why you are the way you are. From there you start to map your journey of how you will get to where you want to be.

The most amazing concepts I have learned about life, health and wellbeing has rarely come from a medical textbook. I would love to share these concepts with you and see how you apply my framework that has already helped so many people.

Most of my patients are people who have tried psychology, medication and have not really found benefit, or are keen on something more suited to them that doesn't take years and years (that's a lot of people!).

Through my process, I share some methods and strategies that have worked for so many. We work together closely, with the prime objective that at the end, you are more prepared for life than you have ever been.

I have refined my approach over the years and I have seen men do amazing in various areas of their life. The reason for such great results is likely from my years of being obsessed with how our brain works on a cellular level. I have also been able to consult people from all walks of life and at all stages of life and seeing how each of them work and take care of themselves. I would be crazy not to notice patterns and want to pass on the knowledge to others like yourself.

I believe that when you work together with someone and explore their knowledge and psychology of themselves with the sole intention to find a way to live a more purposeful life, nothing else can be more interesting and fulfilling.

So, if you feel like something is missing in your life or you want to improve your general health and wellbeing or you know anyone who is open to change, I invite anyone to reach out.

This website is the way you can connect with me.